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President Obama’s signature healthcare law was a difficult accomplishment for his administration. Years of Republican opposition, court battles and public scrutiny couldn’t derail ObamaCare. However, the exchange’s website may be tearing it down for the GOP.

The White House stated more than 20 million people have attempted to sign up for insurance since Oct. 1. Almost all of these people would find some type of glitch or error that prevented them from completing the process.

A recent Associated Press poll stated fewer than one in 10 people were able to sign up to browse the marketplace. The Wall Street Journal even reported insurance companies are receiving flawed data like duplicate enrollments and spouses being labeled as children. USA Today claimed the $600 million site uses 10-year-old technology.


There has to be some good news, right?

Six days ago, Janice Baker was reported by the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services to be the first confirmed resident to have enrolled in the marketplace. It only took seven hours for her to complete the process after clearing her computer’s cache multiple times and calling 1-800-F1UCK-YO.

How monumental was her achievement? Enough for President Obama to invite her to his speech yesterday when he addressed the technical difficulties the site has encountered.

Ms. Baker presented herself at the podium and stated she was the first person from Delaware to sign up for insurance. Dozens in the crowd erupted in a sarcastic applause including a supportive “heyy…” from the president.

Oh, and there was this diabetic pregnant woman who nearly passed out.


“This is what happens when I talk too long,” Obama joked to the audience.

But then it was back to business.

“Nobody is madder than me about the fact that the website isn’t working as well as it should,” Obama said in his speech.

Right, Obama. Nobody is madder than you.

Well, there’s those nine in 10 people who couldn’t sign up for insurance the last three weeks. If the administration said it was 20 million people, then that means, by my calculation… add nine… carry the one… more than 18 million people were unsuccessful.

Oh yeah, there’s those people who desperately need health insurance but had to wait weeks to find out their premiums would be higher than their mortgages.

What about all the IT experts who claimed $100,000 would be enough to create a sustainable website yet this one siphoned $600 million out of taxpayer’s wallets? Hard-working Americans cherish their income. Why are you wasting it?

Well, other than those people, no one is madder than you, Mr. Obama.

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